D-Day as 6th June 1944 became known was the momentous day which launched the liberation of Europe from Nazi tyranny.
2017 sees the 73rd anniversary of the Normandy landings and many veterans and their families will still return to the beaches, drop zones and the hedgerows of Normandy to commemorate the epic battle for Normandy in 1944.
Many thousands of tourists will also visit the region and the museums, cemeteries, memorials and battlefields. Without a doubt, interest in the D Day landings has been encouraged by major films in recent years such as “Saving Private Ryan” and “Band of Brothers”.
If you haven’t yet been to Normandy, what better time to visit than now?
It’s probably one of the very last chances to meet the Veterans who fought so bravely in this region and to hear their personal reminiscences. These proud men are all approaching 90 or more, but they still display the spirit that made victory possible 73 years ago. They proudly wear their medals and regimental insignia. Unfortunately, they are becoming fewer and fewer but we can still keep their memories alive.

For more information about the D Day anniversary events, please visit the official site D-Day 2017